Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC is a leading commercial insurance provider offering outstanding services. We offer a wide range of policies that meet business specific needs from special risk, casualty, property, and professional risk products. Other services may include private risk management, surety, and international risk management.

We also may offer integrated consulting services and full suite employee benefit lines that help you create a strategic and smart program. This can enable you to retain and interact with employees while you create value for the business.

The commercial insurance coverage operates on a tradition of industry leadership, excellence, and integrity. The coverage may provide loss control consulting services and insurance. The specialty insurance offered delivers valuable professional service with technology-based solutions and thoughtful strategy.

The experienced staff develops programs that are sensible to both employers and employees. We have focused coverage that helps your programs to run smoothly and keep your employees safe.

Other benefits may include:

  • Effective data analysis for employees compensation- we use historical claims data from the carrier to analyze employee compensation loss data while making adjustments to fit your needs. The causes of the loss help us to assist you to implement the best control measures.
  • Safety Committee support– we recognize that employers always seek effective and efficient methods of communicating and developing important safety information for their employees. Now, we use technology-based systems to forge a way forward and increase productivity, communication, and streamline processes.

Products and casualty

The policy covers both individual and commercial needs. It includes general commercial liability, home, and auto, marine and inland, pollution, crop farming operations, floods, and livestock confinements. Our complete commercial insurance solutions assist both small and large companies in any industry. The products are claims driven and offer the right coverage that proactively protects the business from harm.

You can learn more about your commercial insurance policy by visiting our office or giving us a call at Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC. We are here to work with you and address any concerns you may have.