Driving During the Holidays? Avoid These Hazards

Holiday driving can take a lot out of you, especially when driving in adverse winter weather and sharing the road with thousands of other drivers. At Silverton Insurance Specialist LLC, we offer comprehensive auto insurance coverage that can protect you against holiday accidents. By avoiding these driving hazards, however, you can help prevent accidents on the road.    


Talking on your cell phone, texting while driving, even changing radio channels to catch your favorite Christmas songs can be a distraction when driving. Distracted driving is a recipe for disaster. If you have to call or text a friend, pull into a parking lot. Better yet, turn your cell phone off while you drive to reduce the temptation of distracted driving. 


The demands of the holiday season can drastically alter your schedule, keeping you from getting the sleep you need. As a result, you may find yourself more tired than normal. It’s hard to drive defensively when you’re drowsy. By pacing yourself during the holiday season, you can avoid fatigue and prevent accidents on the road.


Stress is another factor that can affect your driving. Holiday stress can cause you to make mistakes that can lead to accidents. If you’re feeling stressed or pressured during the holidays, stop your feverish activities and take some time off. A little rest and relaxation can reduce stress and restore joy to the season.  


There’s nothing more dangerous than the combination of drinking and driving. If you know you’re going to drink at a festive occasion, make arrangements in advance for safe transport home. If you’re with family or friends, have someone volunteer to be a designated driver.

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