Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance in 2019.

Silverton Insurance Specialist LLC offers premium auto insurance services, and we know that sometimes purchasing auto insurance and understanding your policy can be confusing. No worries, we are happy to answer any questions you have about coverage or requirements. Here are some common questions we receive about auto insurance policies. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance

  • I no longer require full coverage, should I downgrade my policy? You have the option to drop down to PIP coverage once you have paid off your vehicle in most cases. However, it may be a good idea to keep your full coverage because you now own your vehicle and all the liability falls on you if you lose it. Auto lenders require full coverage to offset their own loss, it makes sense to keep full coverage to offset the risk of loss when it is yours. 
  • How can I protect my classic car beyond policy limits? You can purchase umbrella insurance to protect your car beyond what the full coverage policy covers. This is a common practice for classic cars, race cars, and other situations where the value is higher than appraised. 
  • How will my teen affect my policy? There is not a single answer for everyone. If your teen driver has great grades and a good driving record the impact may be less than you expect though. The only way to know is to call and get a personalized quote. 

Contact us at Silverton Insurance Specialist LLC if you have any other questions about auto insurance or if you are ready to receive a quote for your own policy.