Is Health Insurance Optional If your Employer Offers it?

Health insurance is required by law to help protect individuals and to make sure they can get the help they need when they go to the hospital or the doctor. That being said, employers are not required to offer health insurance in certain instances and employees may not be required to take it. For those that are trying to understand health care coverage, the agents with Silverton Insurance Specialist LLC can help.

For those employers that have fewer than the number of employees that the law states you must provide insurance for, you do not have to provide any insurance options. Some states require 30 employees, some require less in order for the employer to be required to provide insurance. For those that have an employer that offers health insurance, you are not required to take the insurance they offer but you are also not going to be eligible for any government insurance options. For those that do not take the insurance that the employer offers, you are still required to have insurance and may be required to hold a private insurance policy from a third-party insurance company.  

If you are part of a company that offers insurance but you are covered on a spouse’s plan, you do not have to take the insurance that is offered. For those that have coverage on their own, you are not required to take the coverage that is offered by employees. Overall, you are required to have health insurance of some sort but the way that you secure it is up to you. For those that have questions, the agents with Silverton Insurance Specialist LLC can help you determine what type of coverage you need and if you are in compliance with federal health insurance laws and requirements.