What does an umbrella policy not cover?

Every insurance policy has its limitations, but you may be surprised just what your policy can cover when you buy umbrella insurance from Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC.

A typical umbrella insurance policy might offer additional coverage for home and auto claims, but it can come into play for anything insurance can cover. Many people rely on their umbrella policy to cover legal costs, for instance, if they are taken to court for civil damages or even criminal charges, depending on the nature of their insurance policies. You can cover retirement accounts, health, and almost anything else with an umbrella policy.

The only real limitations on your umbrella policy come down to how much coverage you’ve purchased. If, for instance, your auto policy covers one million in liability, and your umbrella policy can cover another two million, you would need to exceed three million in damages to transcend the boundaries of your total insurance coverage, and it is highly unlikely that you’re ever going to be involved a four million dollar car accident.

Umbrella coverage can run under three hundred dollars for a one million dollar policy. This is all based on different factors. Your price may be higher or lower. But the point is that umbrella coverage is a lot more affordable than one might assume. People tend to believe that an umbrella policy is something that only the super rich can afford. In truth, if you own a car and a home and you have health insurance, an umbrella policy is an excellent way to extend your policy with Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC. The only real limitation on umbrella insurance comes down to how much protection you want. Reach out to our agents to learn more.