Can I Add My Friend to My Car Insurance Policy?

Typically, the car insurance sector runs on a model of assumed risk, and that is the primary reason why your car insurance provider such as Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC will want to know who is operating your vehicle at any particular time. In fact, a significant number of these insurance companies will want you to list all the people you think might drive your car at any particular time.

However, for most people, the first question that will come up is, "can I add my friend to my car insurance policy?" Read on to find out who you can add and who you can’t add to your auto insurance policy.

Can I Add a Friend/Roommate to My Auto Insurance Policy?

The good news is that you are free to add your friend or even a roommate to your auto insurance policy as long as you live at the same address. If you own a vehicle, but your friend doesn’t, then the policy should be in your name and not your friend’s name.

You can always ask your insurance agent about adding your friend to your auto insurance policy as a driver of your car. However, if both of you own cars, then you will need to have different policies. If you’re likely to drive each other’s cars, please be sure to check with your respective insurance provider to be sure that the coverage extends to other operators and to learn how you can include each other in your policies.

If you’re a parent, then your partner, your kids, and any other person that you live within your household will normally be listed on your car insurance policy.

Keep in mind that there is no limit to the number of operators you can include on your auto insurance policy but there must be a good reason as to why you are listing them as drivers of your car. Some of the people that you can’t list on your policy include your children that have moved out and other people that don’t reside in your household or use your vehicle.

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