Saving Money on Auto Insurance for Your Teen Driver

Many parents groan about the cost of auto insurance when their kids start driving. It can be expensive to insure a teen driver, but if you follow these tips from Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC, you may be able to save a little money on your teen’s auto insurance.

Hit the Books

Many insurance companies offer discounts when teens get good grades. The logic is that teens who are responsible with their schoolwork will also prove themselves responsible on the road. While straight As are good, many insurance companies are happy to offer discounts for students who maintain B averages. Check with your agent for any discounts the insurance company may offer due to school performance.

Take Driver’s Education

If money is tight, kids may earn a discount for taking a driver’s education class at school. If your child’s school does not offer a driver’s ed course, you can pay for a class at a Safe Driving School to earn a discount for your child.

Choose the Vehicle Wisely

While many kids crave flashy, newer models of cars, insuring a teen in a more expensive vehicle will be more costly. Choosing older models of vehicles and cars that seem a little boring to teen drivers can keep more money in your pocket.

Drive Safely

When your teen gets traffic citations and has accidents, it can cost you more money than just paying the ticket and repairing the car. Insurance companies will raise your rates if your teen does not maintain a safe driving record. Encourage your teen to drive safely and enforce consequences if he or she proves to be careless on the road.

Multiple Policy Discounts

If you purchased your home insurance and car insurance from the same company, you may qualify for a multiple policy discount. Ask your agent if your insurance company offers this discount.

If you have more questions about insuring your teen driver, you can contact Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC. We can help get you started on an auto insurance policy and you can get a quote by using our online rating tool.