Some of the Personal Liability Issues That May Be Covered By Umbrella Insurance

Much like umbrella insurance, The staff of Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC wants to capture every detail of our client’s coverage needs. Umbrella insurance provides coverage for those amounts that are above regular insurance limits.

How an Umbrella Policy can Benefit your Automobile

In an automobile accident, umbrella insurance may come into play if the automobile is of inordinate value or if many passengers were injured. If you are found to be at fault in an accident where the limits of your standard automobile insurance policy have been exceeded, umbrella insurance can cover the additional amounts. In this way, the umbrella insurance acts as a precursor to a personal lawsuit that may be lodged against you.

In Between Circumstances

Umbrella insurance is great for filling in the gaps if you are sued or a claim is lodged against your insurance policy. In the event the lawsuit is for an incident or item that you may be found liable for but is not covered under the terms of your policy – umbrella insurance may be viable. The constraints are not as rigid in an umbrella policy. If you have a major flood and you reside in a region where you may not have thought that natural flooding is likely enough to own flood insurance – umbrella insurance may help.   

Speaking with an insurance agent at Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC about how an umbrella insurance policy can benefit you and your lifestyle is a sound decision. Call or email us to speak with one of our professionals who can tell you how your unique life situation can be better served with an umbrella insurance policy.