Covering More Than Liability

Temptations to settle for cheap auto insurance are everywhere. From the speakers on our television to the ads before internet videos, inexpensive vehicle insurance commercial jingles invade our ears. 

However, settling for the bare minimum is putting you at risk for more than a totaled car. Bankruptcy, severe injuries for you, passengers, or other drivers, and even the possibility of death are things to consider when researching auto insurance policies. Everyone has preferences, forming a plan that coincides with your needs makes everyone happier and safer.

The Way States Sway

Living in a state that does not require full coverage or no coverage at all is no excuse not to have it when an unexpected accident occurs. Auto insurance is an investment in your life and safety. 

States do not always require collision coverage. However, if you only have liability and your car is destroyed, your insurance claim will only pay for the other vehicle. The payment for auto repairs is covered by collision insurance coverage regardless of who is at fault. 

Comprehensive coverage is rarely a requirement by states and auto loan companies. You are more prone to realize situations when comprehensive helps by noticing the savings you receive in your bank account and on vehicle repair. You cannot predict nature and hail, the wind, and flooding falls under comprehensive insurance, only. 

Humans are nearly as unpredictable as the weather. Vandalism and theft are also factors out of your control. If you only have liability coverage, you are either without a car or left to park it in your yard until you can get the damage repaired.

Deductibles for collision or comprehensive insurance are not as nearly as expensive as purchasing a new vehicle or being taken to court by another party involved in a mutual car accident. Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC is available for quotes, questions, and directions as you search for the best policy for you and your bottom line. Reach out to our agents for questions and concerns or call our office at Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC.