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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Some states require you to have auto insurance, but they do not require you to carry an insurance card in your vehicle for proof of insurance.

Minimum Auto Liability Coverage Amounts

Liability auto insurance helps to pay for any damages or injuries that you cause to another vehicle or property when you have an accident. You need liability auto insurance when you register your car in certain states.

Your car insurance policy must include liability coverage with state ordered amounts. It must contain a minimum per person, or for multiple people that are involved in an accident, for you to be covered by the bodily injury liability. Your property damage liability has a minimum amount as well per accident.

Optional Auto Insurance

You may choose to add additional auto insurance through Silverton Insurance Specialist, LLC to your policy for extra protection. Some state laws do not require that you have collision and comprehensive insurance coverage, but if your auto is financed, the lender will require you to have this coverage to protect their investment.

Collision insurance coverage pays for damages to your car in a traffic accident. Without this coverage, your minimum liability insurance only covers damages to another vehicle in the event of an accident and not yours. It doesn’t matter which driver is at fault to collect collision insurance.

Comprehensive coveragepays for non-collision related damages, such as vandalism and hail storms. This portion will also cover your vehicle up to the amounts selected in the case that your car is stolen.

When you have collision and comprehensive auto insurance, you select a deductible amount for your policy. After you pay the deductible portion for repairs or damages, the insurance company pays for the remaining cost of repairs or damages up to the limits that you select on your auto policy.

You can also add optional auto coverage of medical and funeral services, rental car, and uninsured drivers for the maximum protection available on your auto.

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